Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Deus 3 and the Mutual Appreciation Society

So, part 3 of Deus ex Comica, "Ignoring Personal History", is up over at Field's Edge. I talked with John, and we decided to start publishing new installments every other Wednesday instead of every other Sunday for the time being. The change provides some nice synergy with the traditional weekly comic book release day and my friends over at Marvel Noise.

Speaking of... HUGE thanks to Head Marvel Noisemaker David Price for the gracious nod and kind words he gave the Deus series and Field's Edge in this week's podcast! There is always good stuff to be found in not just the podcasts, but also on the blog and forum over there.

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David A Price said...

You're making me blush. Thanks for the kind words. It's easy talking about something you like. Whether it's about Marvel or Deus.