Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Response (of sorts)

Deus exchange Comica
So I've been working on a series of comic book-related essays over at Field's Edge for the last few weeks, and it looks like those are going to continue for the near future as I continue to crank them out faster than the esteemed Mr. Booth can publish them. But when my good friend Mark felt compelled to post a response to part 2 of Deus ex Comica on Sample Reality, I realized that dialog needed to continue in some form. Given that, here's my response to his response to my essay…

Ok. This is crazy. Let's talk "coincidences" regarding Captain Atom... I also have that exact same issue Mark was referencing (#83), along with #84. Where did I get these? Did Mark's parents have multiple copies of issue #83 and give me one, too? (Perhaps.) Did his parents also have issue #84 and like me better than him and give that one to me as well? (Not likely.) This is all very confusing.

And then there is my Superman comic that came "Compliments of Radio Shack" starring "The TRS-80 Computer Whiz Kids!" Seriously. There is no way I didn't get this with Mark... he was always into Radio Shack stuff -- those cool science kits where you could make an LED light up by connecting the different length wires between coiled springs and things like that! The only reason I would have ever been in a Radio Shack as a nine year-old would have been if I was with Mark!

There is much history to be mined here, and then the more difficult task of actually sorting it out and making sense of it!

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Mark Sample said...

And the strange crossing paths continue...I've posted some thoughts about perhaps the oddest of all my comics, thanks to you! Read about A Glut of Popes on eBay.