Wednesday, April 23, 2008

HRC, Agent 99, and Rodent Protectors

True to the name of this blog, here are some random thoughts escaping...

Hillary, enough already. It's time to set your ego aside and get out of the race. You're doing more damage to the party than good.

After seeing The Devil Wears Prada recently, and then the Get Smart trailer out in front of 21, I think Anne Hathaway is the new Audrey. She can pull off haute couture. She is both beautiful and understated in that classic sense.

Finished the Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 trade paperback with my son tonight. What a great read! Definitely looking forward to Winter 1152 when that hits in trade (hopefully by year's end -- the hardcover is due in November).

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David A Price said...

Hathaway really was something in Devil Wears Prada, wasn't she?