Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bone and Beyond

I have not read Bone, but my son loves the Scholastic graphic novels, and John and his daughter are also big fans. So when I heard over on Comics Playground that the Wexner Center for the Arts down on the campus of The Ohio State University was going to have an 80 panel exhibit of Columbus-based Jeff Smith's work and influences, I suggested the four of us make the short road trip down I-71 to see it. (The hours down and back were filled with a memory provoking '80s playlist on the iPod for the dads, and DS games and Bone trade paperbacks for the kids!)

We had a great time and saw some
great work. We were the only four guests in the gallery, along with a security guard. We took our time, soaking in each panel over the next 90 minutes or so. Beautiful stuff. And afterwards, the kids got Bone plushes from the gift shop, then we called one of our old friends from college and met her and her husband for lunch at Eddie George's Grille 27 over on High Street (where my son happily peed on the Michigan logo in the urinal -- I'm so proud), followed up by sharing a small Cold Stone Creamery cup of Ghirardelli chocolate ice cream with Reese's Pieces mixed in with my son. What a great way to pass the day!

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