Sunday, August 10, 2008

Daredevil: The Honu Without Fear!

We were over at Diane and Ivan's this weekend for our godson's birthday party, and my parents were there too. At one point, my mom and dad, Ivan, and I were all out at a picnic table in the backyard, enjoying the spectacular view of Lake Erie. Somehow we ended up talking about the local comic book shop, Comic Heaven. Brian Michael Bendis is good friends with Jim, the owner, and the shop used to be a frequent hangout of Bendis'. Ivan was explaining who Brian Michael Bendis is to my mom and ended up in a long, winding description of Daredevil -- both the character and the book. While in the middle of this word sketch he's laying on my mom, he turns to her and asks, "You know what ninjas are, right?" And my mom perfectly deadpans, "Yeah, they're turtles."

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