Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Little Something for Bonnie Tyler

A lot of folks seem down on the new season of Heroes, but I am back on board the Heroes bandwagon. I loved much of the first season. It faltered a bit near the end, but overall it was a fun ride. Season two, on the other hand, fell apart quickly. Hiro stuck in feudal China with Adam was a black hole that I don't think that season ever recovered from. I am pretty fickle when it comes to TV. I have no qualms about leaving a show mid-season if I become bored with it. So I approached this new season of Heroes cautiously and avoided the pre-première clip-show.

The season's storyline is called "Villains", and I have been pleasantly surprised by this young, four-episode season so far. My wife and I blew threw the first three episodes Monday night, and snuck in the fourth episode before settling in for the debate last night. The show seems energized, refreshed. It's pulling elements from so many sources -- like the "four years in the future" thread obviously owing a debt to Chris Claremont's classic "Days of Future Past" X-Men story arc -- but reverently in my mind.

The reveals have come fast and furious in these first few episodes, and I never felt like the writers were taking a desperate, "let's throw everything and the kitchen sink at them" approach. It feels more like the writers are having some fun, and it's translating well for me. My wife and I have found ourselves jumping in our seats at some of the scares, laughing out loud at some of the dialogue, being surprised by some of the reveals, and being intrigued by where the new storyline is headed.

Some of the stuff that has us enjoying this season (spoilery)... Claire is invincible. Sylar is a Petrelli. Future Ando with powers! Future Ando with powers killing Hiro! Mama Petrelli taking over the Company. The Haitian's back! Parkman's African guide. Mohinder powered up, horny, and making like Brundle-fly. Daphne.
HRG. The genetically engineered triplets. And more!

Another plus? While Kristin Bell is easy on the eyes, she's a horrible actress (with apologies to my wife), and I was thrilled that she was only briefly in these first few episodes and may have been killed.

Before the television season ramped back up this fall, we rewatched the majority of Heroes season one for the first time since it originally aired, and that first two-thirds of the season was lightening in a bottle. Then season two turned around and broke my heart. So I approached this new season guardedly. And after these first few episodes I am cautiously enjoying it. While I don't think the show will ever match the heights of season one's episode 17 (It's called "Company Man", but my wife and our friends all refer to it as "the best episode of Heroes. Ever."), season three is at least fun. And I'm willing to be carried along for the ride.

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