Friday, March 13, 2009


I’m a fan of Rubber City Clothing. I love the concept as much as the execution. I have my “Akron Witnessed First” and “Akron: Where the Weak are Killed and Eaten” postcards up on the wall in my office. My friend Dave named his new band The Marble Champs in part after one of the RCC logos. And Chrissie Hynde decided to go though RCC as the official retailer for the Pretenders’ 2009 tour merchandise.

I met Sarah, the general manager of RCC, a few weeks back when we were picking up a "Route 8" t-shirt for the kiddo at the High Street location, and struck up a conversation. What’s even cooler is that not only did Sarah post a little something about Deus ex Comica on the Rubber City BullSheet, but she agreed to stock a few copies of the book or at least display some promotional stuff for the book in the store when it’s ready to go!

So check out the blog, check out the store, buy some cool 330 swag and support a uniquely Northeast Ohio enterprise.

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Dave P. said...

Thanks for the shout-out. RCC rocks!