Monday, July 6, 2009

Geek is Good

Some updates on Deus ex Comica: The Rebirth of a Comic Book Fan...

I had a blast a couple Sundays ago meeting and chatting with folks and selling copies of the book alongside my friend and editor John Booth at the Akron-Canton Comic Con. I got to chat with people like local artist and comic fan Chris Martin (looking forward to his show at Red Light Galleries in Akron’s Northside District) and with comic artist Tommy Flick, who also had a table at the show.

If you have been checking out the sidebar of the blog, you may have noticed that Deus ex Comica is now available through, and available once again through Discount Comic Book Service (thanks, Zack!).

Also, today Wired Magazine’s great GeekDad blog ran a review of the book that was especially gratifying. I’m really excited about what the author of the review, Curtis Silver, had to say, particularly since he came at the book from a DC fan’s perspective. Stay tuned for an interview on GeekDad coming soon!

If you've read and liked Deus ex Comica, please consider taking a moment to rank and review it at Amazon, Lulu, and/or GoodReads and recommending the book to a friend. I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed my book and appreciate the support!

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