Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chicago: The Con (Part 3)

I just brought a few books to the show… my Daredevil Omnibus for artists David Mack and Alex Maleev to sign, my Mighty Avengers oversized hardcover for artist Frank Cho to sign, my Walking Dead Book One hardcover for artist Tony Moore to sign, and my Mice Templar hardcover for co-creator and writer Bryan J.L. Glass to sign. While at the show, I picked up the Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula one-shot for writer Ande Parks and artist Chris Samnee to sign, along with the Young Avengers oversized hardcover for artist Jim Cheung to sign.

I would have loved for any of the artists to do a little sketch in the hardcovers I brought along for them to sign, but only Bryan offered (which is ironic because he is the writer not the artist on the title) and I was too timid to ask the others, unsure of the protocol about such things.

Apart from those items, though, I wasn’t really sure what to bring or what to expect while at the con, so I took a page out of my friend Steve’s playbook
, and created a signature jam piece. I found a nice Wizard World logo, printed it off on some of Tracy’s good archival scrapbook stock, and took that around to the creators whose work I admire for them to sign. It ended up being a great way for me to break the ice and approach the artists and creators and a really cool memento of the con. I came away with nearly 40 signatures…


GreenCapt said...

Adam I truly LOVE the idea of the signature jam piece (as I did when you showed it to me!) and I think I'll be doing the same for cons now starting with DragonCon!

Steve (raker) Andreski said...

Bravo! Great signature page, Adam! It IS fun passing it around, isn't it? And did you have that moment when Tex signed and you thought...wait, THAT'S Tex's john hancock?