Thursday, April 15, 2010

Comics... Awesome!

Much like Dave Wachter, I met Andy Jewett through the various online forums I discovered when I returned to the comic book fold after 20 years away. I met Andy in-person for the first time at the Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con last year. We hit it off immediately, and he asked to buy a copy of my book completely unprompted when we first met. I ended up picking up a copy of Word 2, which is one of my favorite sketchbooks, containing some of Andy's best work.

One of the pieces in that book is “Awesome”. It’s a work that I think is some of his best ever
, and everyone I know thinks highly of it. He had the original work in his portfolio at the con. I had heard from other friends that some kids had really low-balled him an offer for the piece, and I’m glad Andy turned them down. I told him then that if he ever considered selling it, I’d love to be first in line to make an offer.

I don’t remember who brought it up later, but somewhere around the time Andy was first promoting his wonderful mini-comic, SICKO, we got on the topic of “Awesome” and that he was looking to sell it. We eventually struck a deal, and I’m thrilled to now have it in my personal collection. And when I re-do my office, it will be framed and featured prominently, humorously capturing the thrill of a shared hobby with friends.

The original is without tones, but there are a couple electronic versions of the piece colored by Andy floating around. (In fact, you can buy a gray-tone "Awesome" shirt from Andy's online store.) Here is the green-tone version...

(click to enlarge)

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El Dave said...

No way!

You, mi amigo, scored an AWESOME! piece!