Thursday, June 10, 2010

So This Is What It Looks Like

I grew up in Ohio. And although I spent a quarter of my life living out of state, I have somehow remained a Cleveland sports fan. Because of this, I have never experienced a championship first hand. The closest thing I can claim is the 2002 Ohio State National Championship (and that does count, and it was glorious). But, on a professional level, “my” team has never won it all, rarely even sniffing the opportunity. So it was a very cool and completely foreign experience to be in a bar in Chicago with my local friends and packed to the seams with a rollicking bunch of hockey fans to watch the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup in Game 6 overtime.

And walking out onto North Avenue in Wicker Park after the game was over and Lord Stanley’s Cup had been presented was like stepping onto another planet. A barrage of car horns honking, drunk and sober fans alike sharing high fives, every restaurant and bar overflowing with patrons out into the street. I'm not even a big hockey fan, but enjoyed every moment of the evening, soaking it all in. The celebration was unlike anything I’ve seen before, but something I hope I experience again… but in celebration of a Cleveland team.

The View from the Blue Line platform at Damen

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Rick Hansen said...

On my way home, my car was tipped over AND looted. It was a great night with great friends. Many returns for our gang of knuckleheads and the Hawks! Also whatever team you root for out there in Ohio ;)