Friday, March 9, 2012


I finished reading Dave Cullen’s Columbine yesterday. It’s one of those books that you simply can’t put down. If you have any interest in sociology or journalism, you need to read this book. The sociological examination of suburbia and the high school ecosystem is fascinating, and the journalistic irresponsibility that took place during and immediately following the events that took place at Columbine (and those myths that are perpetuated even today) is staggering.

I was a little hesitant to read Columbine at first. I read non-fiction almost exclusively, but one exception was last year when I picked up We Need to Talk about Kevin. That was an absorbing but difficult read for me. Disturbing is too strong a word, but it definitely affected me, and I was worried Columbine might be even more challenging to get through because it was based on actual events and because I have a soon-to-be middle schooler. Columbine, however, turned out to be an incredible read.

Well laid out and instantly engaging, this is one of those books with passages that alternately riled my anger, shook my constitution, tugged at my compassion, and brought me to tears. It’s a thoughtful, in-depth exploration of an American tragedy, and I can’t recommend Columbine highly enough.

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Dave Cullen said...

Thanks, AB. I really appreciate that.

And glad u found it so readable. I really tried. (I get an occasional tweet complaining about it being too confusing. That always takes me by surprise.) Glad it worked for you.