Friday, December 19, 2008

Marvel Solicits - December 1983

Continuing my look at the Marvel subscription solicits of the '80s, I came across this one in issues cover dated December 1983: Doctor Strange summoned to spread the word of the return of the "4 Extra Issues" promo seen a little over a year earlier. And, by the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth! Even though the cost of an individual issue didn't change between '82 and '83, the subscription price has gone up by 50 cents, but the benefits and terms of the deal remain.

I like the idea that with his right hand he is magically unfurling the newspaper of choice for Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme: Conjurer's Courier (wonder how often that goes to press?). Notice how he is promoting this limited time offer with his words, but he also seems to be actually communicating through the mystic arts with his other hand as well.

In the list of titles Marvel was publishing at the time, US 1 is the only one I didn't recognize. After some interweb digging, here's what I was able to find out about it: It was a 12-issue series created by Al Milgrom and G.I. Joe's Herb Trimpe. If not cut from the same cloth, it certainly seems to be a spiritual brother to Marvel's motorcycle themed Team America that ended its 12-issue run the same month US 1 debuted. Other than that, the title seems pretty forgettable to all except those whose corner convenience stores carried it.

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Anonymous said...

Smart-aleck response a)
If you have to ASK when Conjuror's Courier goes to press, you're probably not in their target demographic.

Smart-aleck response b)
"Goes to 'press?'" Please. CC went online-only back in '03 - ed.