Monday, December 15, 2008

Marvel Solicits - September 1982

I have been doubling back on the Original Collection lately and reading a lot of the old Marvel Comics miniseries from the '80s. Stuff like X-Men and the Micronauts, Magik, the Hercules sagas, and the Falcon. They take me back to my youth, but what really makes me feel like I'm 12 years-old again is all the peripheral noise around the stories. Rereading these as they were originally presented -- with all the great ads and Bullpen Bulletins and solicits -- kicks wide open the doors of childhood, replacing the stale air of memory with a fresh breeze of nostalgia. The Marvel subscription solicits are particularly fun. And I thought I'd scan and share some of them here in the coming days and weeks.

First up is Doctor Doom. This one from the first issue of the Bob Layton Hercules: Prince of Power limited series, cover dated September 1982. It holds particular sentimental value to me because the first comic book subscription I ever purch
ased was using one of the Doctor Doom solicits. I got 16 glorious issues of G.I. Joe for the price of 12, starting with issue #7 and running through issue #22. I didn’t need Doom to convince me that was a good deal, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt.

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