Friday, January 6, 2012

Digital Deus

In the three years since publishing Deus ex Comica: The Rebirth of a Comic Book Fan, I have had a great time connecting and re-connecting with fellow comic fans. I don't know that I realized just how universal my experience was until the book started getting into the hands of others.

Deus has been available for purchase via physical copy or PDF since the beginning through the publisher, Lulu, but the way we consume our pop culture has changed. I love getting a digital copy of a movie when I pick up the Blu-Ray, and I'm all about the subtle moves toward digital copy codes being included with comics. In that spirit, at the end of 2011 I decided to reach out to all of the people who have purchased a copy of Deus ex Comica direct from me over the years (I don’t have access to who purchases the book from the publisher, via Amazon, or elsewhere. Sorry.), and offer them a free digital copy of the book. The response has been overwhelming! I know people love to get free stuff, but the personal notes included with the responses to my offer have been amazing and fun... from providing a reason to reread my book to aiding in the excuse to purchase a tablet!

With such an overwhelming response, it seemed right to extend the offer to all future sales of my book purchased direct from me. So, as of now, anyone who purchases a copy of Deus ex Comica direct from me not only gets the opportunity to have the book inscribed if they'd like, but also will receive a free digital copy of the book for their reading pleasure!

The PDF is still available for purchase if that's the only version you want, but I'm all about getting this thing into as many people's hands -- virtual or otherwise -- as possible. Read it, share it, enjoy it!