Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Akron Comicon Report

Almost two years ago, the first meeting of POP! The Comics Culture Club met in Parma. As that gathering of people grew, I met Michael Savene. Michael is a man with a vision of big things in Akron with regards to comics. It’s not my place to reveal all of the good stuff he wants to do for the medium we love in the town we call home, but so far he has impressed me every step of the way as he executes his plans.

First, Michael successfully established the Akron Chapter of POP!, then along with his partner Robert Jenkins, he put on the first Akron Comicon at the University of Akron Student Union.

Michael has very graciously included me in his plans, allowing me the flexibility to be as involved as my schedule permits. My role in these activities is minuscule, but I’m proud to even be associated with these successes. And, while I can’t speak to the financials, the Akron Comicon appears to have been a success.

John and I had a table at the con, selling copies of our books. As a creator, I had a really good show. There was steady traffic for our table up until really the final hour or so. Sales and conversation was also lively for us. While I saw a lot of people I recognize from the local comics scene on hand, there were plenty of new faces coming by who were interested in what we had to offer.

Another high point of the show was the quality and number of cosplayers in attendance. (Check out my Instagram account for pictures.) They were on-hand for the entire day, too, sticking around to participate in the contest at the end of the eight-hour show.

I did not hear a single negative thing about the show from fellow creators or from any of the fans in attendance. If nothing else, it certainly feels like Michael has proven that Akron can sustain a comic convention. And I’m looking forward to next year’s event... November 09, 2013. Mark your calendars!