Friday, July 13, 2012

The Power Principle Kickstarter!

I first met Alan White online when comics brought us together. But over the last five years, we have become friends outside of our beloved medium, and he continues to surprise me in the best possible ways at nearly every turn.

Last October, we finally came up with an excuse to get him out to visit us and meet in person: Columbus’ Mid-Ohio Con. I got to know Alan even better as we shared the stories of our lives, and it was then that I first learned the details behind The Power Principle.

Over the course of that weekend, Alan shared his origin story and the role The Power Principle played in it. The reveal took place in epic conversations around my kitchen island and debates while driving in my car and smaller exchanges while back issue diving side-by-side at the con. It was these moments that reinforced my admiration and respect for Alan, and solidified my belief in his project. By the time we put him on a plane back home to New York City, he had given me the scripts to the first four issues of The Power Principle, and I had signed on to edit the whole affair.

In the months since, I have done whatever I can to help Alan... not just as an editor, but as a friend. We talk weekly about the series, the characters, the Kickstarter preparations, the finances, the fear, the excitement, all of it! I’m honored he has allowed me to have a small role in his dream. But more than that, I’m excited to see this Kickstarter campaign finally go live and see my friend put himself out there, inching even closer to the reality of a Power Principle on-going series.

I am often astounded by how effortlessly The Power Principle story spills out of Alan! As I have worked my way through the scripts, there are countless moments where I have had to stop and simply admire how well-crafted Alan’s vision for these characters is, and how well-executed the initial drafts were. And that’s what makes me so excited about the possibilities for this Kickstarter project... I love the idea that others will finally get to read these comics and get to know these characters Alan has created and invested so much of himself in, and be gobsmacked by the cliff-hangers and reveals like I have over the last nine months.

Please take a few moments to check out Alan’s Kickstarter project... read about what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. Check out the video he made that perfectly captures his personality and sincere gratitude for just having the opportunity to produce The Power Principle. And, of course, consider contributing whatever you can to realize Alan’s dream while getting to read a damn fine comic and some awesome swag to boot!