Monday, March 26, 2012

Magical Myth-stery Tour

Adam Savage & Jamie Hyneman – MythBusters Live: Behind the Myths Tour
22 March 2012: State Theatre at Playhouse Square, Cleveland, Ohio

For the second time in three days, we had a late night Cleveland family o
uting. This time, we were headed to the State Theatre to catch Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman for their MythBusters Live: Behind the Myths Tour!

The kiddo is a HUGE MythBusters fan. It’s one of those shows that he will watch non-stop, soaking up the science-y goodness wrapped in entertaining premises and splashed with a dose of humor, and it all translated to a live show just like you’d expect it would. We got Jack tickets to the show for Christmas and the payoff was well worth the wait.

It’s clear Savage and Hyneman have a great relationship, with their personalities acting as perfect counterpoints to one another. There w
as an ample supply of laughter and clapping and cheering throughout as the hosts bantered with the crowd, demonstrated laws of physics and science and special effects, each held Q&A segments, and pulled kids and adults alike on stage to participate. But, to be fair, any humiliation the volunteers were exposed to was nothing Savage doesn’t willingly subject himself to on the show.

The audience seemed to be mostly families with plenty of kids Jack’s age, but the great thing about MythBusters – both the
television show and the stage show – is that Savage and Hyneman don’t talk down to kids. When explaining how the friction between the pages of a telephone book can hold Savage’s weight suspended above the stage, or addressing the errant cannonball that careened into a neighborhood during one of their MythBusters tapings, it’s clear these guys have a passion for all things STEM related.

While the stage show didn’t actually bust any myths, and the setup didn’t lend itself well to allowing anyone outside of the floor seats to actually pose any questions or participate in any onstage experiments, I think everyone had a pretty good time… even the guy who, celebrating his 21st birthday, was pelted with a hail of paintball gunfire during the show’s finale, then given a beer by Savage!
(All photos by Tracy Besenyodi.)